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Track Name: No One Should Know When We Meet
Okay, just so the record's straight:
I remember the tan lines that made me think you had a bra on
when you had no bra on,
the coarse hair, the long stare,
your eyes between my thighs, my eyes examining pubic hair
and possibly a tattoo or two ("wanna see my tattoo?").
I remember how my clothes looked on you.
In the pool and jacuzzi you found me amuzing, but from there its all liippsssss,
a tongue,
a tooth,
a small growing bruise,
belly button,
brown eyes,
brown tips of tits..
.."Do Not Disturb. Please do not disturb us."
Your whispers, your moans, your screams- they do not leave these sheets,
But in bits in my mind they repeat.
This does not count as a cheat
but no one should know when we meet.
Track Name: Mind Made Firmament
You were climbing up the stairs.
You had cowlicks all in your hair.
In the frozen moment when your foot hung in the air, you were completely unaware that the stair you were stepping up for was not there.
-and what a strange feeling it has been every time you've thought you had a hold of your situation
or when you were not sleeping and yet were awoken.
Though the feeling's familiar you never expect it.
But you keep climbing though you might be out of steps.
You keep breathing though this might be your last breath.
(breathe just to check)
Just what was your bare and filthy foot hurtling towards, fully willing to put underneath the weight of everything you were and could be to yourself (eighty seven pounds of young living flesh belonging to no one else)?
A: Could have been soft carpet
or a tack,
a lego,
or a turd left by a rat.
Track Name: Dream Cloud featuring Ben Scott-Brandt's lovely voice
Sometimes I let the chatter lull me into fitful sleep.

These days if its not a dream its vacuum-sealed sex or a set of breasts on an lcd screen.